About Us

In March 1948 Henry L. (Larry)  Booker Jr. opened his first store which was designed as an "Open Front" store. This location was where the post office is now at 312 Church st in Sulphur Springs. The open front and curb service slowly dissipated, lasting only 5-8 years.  The Church st store however was closed shortly after the opening of a 2nd store in 1949 on Main St. Since then we have had a few stores opened and then closed. In 1974 Larry's son Buck came to work for the company. In the mid 80's Larry took a more relaxed position with the company and passed the torch to Buck where he currently maintains the presidents seat. In 2004 Buck's youngest daughter Jennifer came to work for the company and follow in her granddad and dad's footsteps. In 2006 Super Handy purchased their first out of town store located in Mt Vernon Tx. Thru the years many changes have came from adding beer and wine to remodels. And present day Super Handy has 3 Sulphur Springs locations and a Mt Vernon location.